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A huge pack of usefull mods compatimple with v1.2a version. Enhances gameplay, doesn't add other devices/items.

Included Mods:
Insurance V2 (Prophet)
Patrol&Gate (digdug)
Avenge (SungSlaver231)
Captain's Log (Bobby)
Loot All (Bobby)
Cargo Summary (Bobby)
Test Drive (RPC)
Alarm System (RPC)
Remember Europa Code (Star Weaver)
No More Key Hints (Star Weaver)
armor assistant (TVR)
Trading Post Menu (PM)-REMOVED
Empty Wrecks Explode (Star Weaver)
Display Domina Data (Star Weaver)
No Domina Powers (PM)
HD Stargates 256 version only (Shivan Hunter)

In case I forgot to mention either a mod or a modder, please inform me so I can update the description.

NOTES: These mods are packed in order to help new players enjoy Transcence more, without spending a lot of time in searching for nice and compatiple mods. However if a modder does not want any of his mods in this pack, I will remove these mods ASAP.
Categories Newbie Boosts, Featured
Author Sotter
Rating 2   0
Added (Last modified) 08.06.2013 (09.06.2013)
Game Version 1.2a1
Filesize 4.04 MB
Downloads 2479
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digdug 08.06.2013 20:30

very nice ! :)

can you add more details to the description ? which mods are in this modpack ?

Sotter 08.06.2013 21:57

Noted. Will update info ASAP...

digdug 09.06.2013 03:06

wonderful :D thanks for the update :)

Sotter 09.06.2013 18:17

Updated at 10 downloads.

Packed 2 new mods. (HD Stargates & No domina powers).

RPC 09.06.2013 18:28

Armor assistant is TVR, and the mod is on the forums:

Sotter 09.06.2013 18:35

Thanks. Info updated. ^_^

Sotter 09.06.2013 20:13

Minor update. Removed TPO by author's request.

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