Black Market Addition View Mod
This mod adds a station and a new (player) ship to the game. This mod does NOT overwrite any of the core
files and, as such, should be compatible with most other mods.
This mod is the first step in building a bigger mod centered around the black market, illegal trade and
the commonwealth trying to keep laws and order. This version is called Black Market Addition, the next
version will be called Black Market Expansion.
Categories Ship (Friendly), DockScreens, Devices,
Armor, Adventure Extensions, Ship (Player),
Station (Friendly), Weapon
Author Pixelfck
Rating 1   0
Added (Last modified) 06.05.2013 (17.06.2013)
Game Version 1.1
Filesize 174.38 KB
Downloads 2610
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Datal2 06.05.2013 22:31

Should be interesting :) I will check it out tomorrow

Pixelfck 09.05.2013 11:37

Updated at 19 download; latest version v1.01.

Pixelfck 17.06.2013 10:13

Updated at 137 downloads; latest version v1.01; reupload.

Pixelfck 18.06.2013 22:29

Any and all feedback is welcome.

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