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This mod changes the behaviour of three 'use item' docksreens ('Use barrel', 'Repair armor' and
'Analyze items') to make sure they don't close if you have more barrels or charges left and you still have items left you may want to repair/analyze.

This mod also (by popular request of the armor dealers) prevents you from repairing armor damaged for more than 75%. This change affects both repairer devices and repair items.
Categories DockScreens, Devices, UI Enhancements
Author Pixelfck
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Added (Last modified) 30.04.2013 (30.06.2014)
Game Version 1.3
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Downloads 1675
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digdug 30.04.2013 20:13

dockscreens optimizations are always welcome. This also makes the game somewhat more difficult by reducing the chances to repair armor. I like it :D

Pixelfck 08.08.2013 12:37

Reuploaded at 70 download, some major improvements.

WillyTheSquid 28.02.2014 06:39

Stuff like this is always welcome -- it's what saves epic permadeath playthroughs from ending UIgnominiously ;)

Pixelfck 30.06.2014 16:31

Reuploaded at 173 downloads.

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