Reactors Extended View Mod
I've noticed that when you read any of the xenotite fuel rods, they say that they are used for gigawatt-class reactors.
The problem is that there aren't any gigawatt-class reactors! So this is an extention for all the reactors in the game that gives you better reactors than the Hyperion.
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Author Doctor
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Added (Last modified) 23.02.2013 (23.02.2013)
Game Version 1.1
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Tshark9999 08.07.2013 06:21

Now if only someone would port starcraft, FTL, or star wars ships t o transcendence...

Tshark9999 08.07.2013 06:22

Oops, wrong mod, sorry.

megamorphg 13.07.2013 04:41


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