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This mod is diferent of any other BC304 based mod that I have uploaded, as the name says, 'Reality mod', you'll no loger have the power to just annihilate every other shipstation in the game...I just get destroyed by an Teraton station on beta-test...

"The BC-304, also known as the Daedalus-class warship, is a class of deep space carrier built by the Tau'ri, and the most advanced series of vessels in the Tau'ri fleet capable of rivaling even the most powerful alien spaceships."

Note: There is a bug related with the "return to ship" option at the F302 control panel...Nothing that can crash the game.

I hope you all enjoy
Categories Challenge, Ship (Friendly), Ship (Player)
Author christian
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Added (Last modified) 15.02.2013 (15.02.2013)
Game Version 1.1
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Peter 12.11.2014 18:37

How is this a reality mod. Does it even make stations stronger? It doesn't seem to for me, all it seems to do is add an awesome ship :D Can I borrow the sound of the railguns for one of my mods <3 ?

christian 10.02.2015 21:29

It's a lot weaker than previous versions :p

Once you get thru the Asgard shield, the ship is pretty much dead

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