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Screenshot The Excalibur Targeting ROMs install software (takes no device slots, minimal power use) that adds a series of aiming reticles to the HUD of your ship.

{Version 1.2.a}

+ Common ROM that adds a series of aiming reticles in front of your ship
+ Includes Dockscreen that configures range and size of reticles

+ Uncommon Advanced ROM that adds a "laser line" showing what direction to face to hit a target based on your active primary weapon
- Work-in-Progress: Dockscreen

+ Both ROMs must be installed via Dock Services before use, automatically shuts off the reticles when uninstalled
Categories Usable, UI Enhancements, Newbie Boosts
Author Cygnus.X1
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Added (Last modified) 08.11.2012 (24.11.2012)
Game Version 1.08l
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Downloads 2063
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Cygnus.X1 09.11.2012 16:58

Updated the screen shot but not the zip file. As you can see, I have a nice balance for three range options. I'm still having significant trouble with using a timed recurring event, so that part is on hold for now, which includes the leading reticle on targeted ships and some other ideas.

I'm going to be working on a dockscreen triggered on [U]se that will allow for install/uninstall and picking which range set to use. Other stuff is planned as well but we'll see how long it takes me to learn dockscreens from scratch. Once I'm happy enough with the dockscreens I'll update the zip.

Cygnus.X1 09.11.2012 19:01

Created a ticket for my timed event issues: http://wiki.neurohack.com/transcendence/trac/ticket/1206

Darth Saber 09.11.2012 19:49

Is that Broad head arrow tip a ship, and if so, where can I get it?

Cygnus.X1 09.11.2012 20:14

Used by my Athena godmod ship (My goto for testing stuff): http://xelerus.de/index.php?s=mod&id=1203

Original graphics created by LordSutekh and subsequently abandoned to the modding community at large: http://xelerus.de/index.php?s=mod&id=1191

Cygnus.X1 10.11.2012 02:21

Reuploaded at 18 downloads =]

Added a dockscreen triggered by [U]se. Don't hit "Activate" more than once (or make sure to use "Deactivate" prior) or you wind up with extra reticles that won't go away. I can fix that...

Since adding the range selection options to the dockscreen, some alignment problems with the reticles have cropped up again, especially on the medium range setting. I think I can fix that.

Cygnus.X1 11.11.2012 19:40

Release candidate 1! All major issues worked out. It seems I have a bad habit of using overly complicated code. No longer possible to create multiple sets of reticles.

I learned to avoid using setq for variable storage in a dockscreen due to value initialization problems. Caveat Emptor :$

Reuploaded at 20 d/ls

Future plans include selectable graphic sets, and eventually making a virt station to handle the long-term goal of a target leading reticle.

Cygnus.X1 13.11.2012 02:27

Another milestone reached, now has a selection of small, medium, and large reticles selectable via the dockscreen.

There's a bug in the dockscreen descriptions, but it doesn't impact functionality at all.

U/L'd @ 25 D/L's

Cygnus.X1 15.11.2012 15:45

Official Version 1 Complete! :D

I fixed all the dockscreen issues, and have made it so that you have to install the item before you can use it, and it automatically deletes the aiming reticles when you uninstall it.

For best results, make sure your ship is facing in a cardinal direction before you active the reticles or you may have some alignment issues. This is due to rounding math in the game engine and there's nothing I can do about that.

My next goal is the hard one. For ease of use and plot stuff, I'm working on ExTargROM II, which will have the target leading reticle I've been talking about.

U/L'd @ 34 D/L's

Cygnus.X1 20.11.2012 16:20

Ver1.1a uploaded at 38 downloads ^_^

Core functionality on the Advanced ROM is complete, you can now have a reticle indicator of what angle your ship needs to be at to hit whatever you have targeted.


. 40 facing "laser line" graphic

. multiple leader reticles

. config dockscreen for Adv ROM

. incorporate all code into a single XML file

Cygnus.X1 23.11.2012 19:40

Ver 1.2 uploaded (@ 52 downloads)

The leading target overlays from the Advance ROM are now working quite well. I've also figured out how to make the whole thing survive gating to a new system without odd behavior.

This update is not compatible with previous save games, sorry.


. Figure out if configuration via dockscreen will add any value

. Incorporate all code into a single XML file (which will likely break previous save games as well, fair warning)

Cygnus.X1 23.11.2012 22:36

Discovered new gating issues...

Cygnus.X1 24.11.2012 08:03

Sorry to the one person that's downloaded the new version so far, but there's still a major issue with the virtual station and gating. So far I've got it cleaned up to the point where it will work through a gate, but make sure you turn off any active targeting before you gate (Hint: hit [R], then [G])

Cygnus.X1 28.11.2012 16:58

RPC helped me troubleshoot my current woes and help me discover a significant bug in my coding. The virtual station used to control the timed events is being created every time you enter a system, and not being destroyed like I told it to. The problem with the stuck overlays it related to duplicate stations being created. The next update may be a while, as very significant changes have to be made to fix this properly.

WillyTheSquid 05.12.2012 00:43

Ah yes, I am loving the hell out of interface tweaks like this and RPC's advLRS. Have been using the Excalibur recticles since today.

Was gonna report a bug (the stuck overlays), but I see that someone was WAY ahead of me.

Feature request/ideas: let me choose the colors. Or at least don't make them red-green-orange-yellow, as these are 4 of the 6 possible colors used by the "sandbox teaser" advLRS mod that RPC made... kinda hard to keep stuff apart that way.

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