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Screenshot The default stargates have 12 frames of animation. These go to 72. :)
The model used is mine, not George's, and there are some inaccuracies (for instance, mine is much thinner than the default).
I didn't change the Huaramarca/Elysium gates, as the problem wasn't as glaring- but I may do those some other time.
I also thought the stargates looked weird being so small (128x128 pixels), so I included two versions: a normal one (actually 160x160 but it looks like 128 because I waste image space), and a 256x256 one which makes it ~1 kilometer going by station scale ( http://wiki.neurohack.com/transcendence/wiki/modding/xml/artwork_scales ). These scales are two separate extensions; if you enable both, Trans will use the 256x256 one.
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Author Shivan Hunter
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Added (Last modified) 31.10.2012 (31.10.2012)
Game Version 1.08l
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storm366 01.11.2012 16:26


2: The ring that flips vertically is slightly off when it rotates

3: Please Expand the gating attribute because you cannot gate on the edge of this thing and it is DRIVING ME CRAZY!

4: If you make anymore Charon Stuff please post it on Xelerus because of complications with my computer

5: Also because of complications with y computer (and my grandmother) I cannot access the IRC so please PM me or email me

6: keep making awesome graphics ;)

Shivan Hunter 01.11.2012 22:53

1: Thanks :)

2: Define "slightly off"; I looked at it and you're probably wrong. If you mean the pivot point looks like it's too high up on the image, that's due to the perspective.

3: I assume you mean the 256x256 one. I'm not sure that's possible; I didn't see anything for it in the XML. It's likely that the radius to activate the gate is hardcoded and equal to the radius of the small stargate.

4: Obviously I'll put it on Xelerus, because I've been putting all my stuff on Xelerus. I don't make graphics for exclusive mods; my stuff is free to use.

5: I'm not actually collaborating on anyone's project, including yours. What I said was that if I made more Charon-themed stuff you could use it, and that's because anyone could use it. I don't restrict the use of my graphics at all (credit given of course).

6: I plan to >:)

DOSBox-gamer 05.11.2012 15:25

Ooh, I can use these! :D

Datal2 07.01.2013 21:34

Really great graphics. You did a good job, I really like this mod. Now I can not imagine playing with normal stargates: D

RPC 20.01.2013 16:34

Unfortunately, conflicts with Stargate Dock 'n Go: http://xelerus.de/index.php?s=mod&id=782 . Fortunately, the 256 version is big enough so that the docking port is within the stargate :D

Doctor 08.03.2013 13:18

I LOVE these stargates! I know what storm is talking about... but it's hardly noticeable.

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