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Screenshot The Ancora has a unique and somewhat tricky early game; it has an absolutely terrible reactor, but also a solar panel and photo-organic armor, which rewards any player patient enough to spend some time near a star. Its shield generator is very light and takes a while to regenerate after it fails, but it can absorb a surprising amount of damage from light enemies like Centauri Raiders.

In the mid/late game it becomes a somewhat-upgraded Sapphire; the stats are mostly the same, except for higher mass allowing it to carry more stuff before it becomes burdened. It also can equip armor up to 8 tons (instead of 6 tons like the Sapphire) and has one more device slot.
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Author Shivan Hunter
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Added (Last modified) 26.10.2012 (26.10.2012)
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Shane Filomena 26.10.2012 07:59 got me : I GOT to have THIS :)

thankyou, IF I could do Graphics I would love to , but at the same time I have the ability to appreciate the work and talent behind others do and this ios one SEXY looking ship. It just better look good parked next to me Mule :) LOL

WillyTheSquid 26.10.2012 15:05

oh wow. downloading.

WillyTheSquid 26.10.2012 20:16

It looks like it's based on the Centurion gunship, in style -- but very subtly. That disc-shape in the middle makes it fit in so very well with other Commonwealth ships. *very* well done.

This one needs Playership Drones support!

Shivan Hunter 28.10.2012 08:10

PM said he patched it, so I'm guessing it should be in PSD soon (if not already).

The design started with my idea for a "light/prototype Britannia", but diverged a bit from there. I can see the Centurion resemblance as well.


Retard 25.12.2012 00:31

That is an awesome looking ship.

I like the challenge it gives at the beginning of the adventure.

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