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Screenshot Adds 3 Ranx ships: the Ranx Bomber, Ranx Frigate, and Ranx Turret (which appears around Fortresses). Includes new graphics for all three ships. The graphics and xml is available for anyone to use, but this does add the ships to the game.

The Ranx Bomber is armed with 3d12 XM900 Lucifer missiles, and has about the same armor as the Ranx gunship.

The Ranx Frigate is armed with a Moskva 33 Repeater and 3d16 KM550 Broadsword missiles.

The Ranx Turret is armed with 6d12 KM550 Broadsword missiles.
Categories Ship (Enemy)
Author Shivan Hunter
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Added (Last modified) 16.10.2012 (02.11.2012)
Game Version 1.08g
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CYRUS KGABO 17.10.2012 22:51

Cool mod

Shivan Hunter 02.11.2012 07:53

reuploaded at 44 downloads because I'm a moron- the Ranx Turret was called a "Ranx Outpost". :P

Shane Filomena 13.11.2012 11:02

I am a fan of the Ranx Empire because I enjoy mining, they started out mining their way to power : but they lost the loving feeling for work.

Amteloletom 24.03.2018 10:01

Nice enemy for the journey. I hope there another ships in the game for abbasid, hurin, etc. Good Mod.

Amteloletom 10.06.2019 17:08

I hope it get updated...

Final strike mod is clashing with this mod

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