Dracling Gunship View Mod
Screenshot The Dracling is an innovative gunship designed for survival. It has large armor plates on the sides for extra protection, thus classified 'Armored Gunship', yet still light and highly maneuverable. It is the first ship manufactured by Nova Draconic Corps. It's name is meant to means 'dragon child', yet short and easy to use.

The ship has got twelve device slots, and 75 cargo space. I don't think that's balanced, but hopefully this is not a godmod. Feedbacks appreciated!!

Credits to RPC who helped me with my armor segments questions. And to Playership Freighter V.3.0 by Kittehbob, from where I get the armor segments image. Thanks!

Re-uploaded at 12 downloads(Whoo!). The ship sprites had a too big background, the ship couldn't pass through the arena gate. The ship can now (barely) pass through the gate, you need to wriggle a bit. You should be able to update without restarting.
Categories Ship (Player)
Author sun1404
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Added (Last modified) 15.10.2012 (25.08.2013)
Game Version 1.08g
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sun1404 20.10.2012 06:26

And I added Player Ship Drones 6 compatibility, too.

sun1404 25.08.2013 04:26

Reuploaded at 146 dl. Added mod name and remove the need for PSD since PM has made his own version in his modships pack. (I thought the code just adds compatibility, turned out it makes the mod a necessity.)

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