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"You're stuck out in the middle of space, drastically out numbered, out powered and staring death straight in the eyes...then you remember that you have the latest Emergency Escape Beacon from Commonwealth Industries! Just activate it from your cargo bay, and hold on tight! Within just seconds, you'll be resting safely at a friendly station, sipping Red Nebula beer and laughing - thanks to Emergency Escape Beacons. Get yours today!"

This mod adds a new, level 3 device, called the Emergency Escape Beacon - when used, it will jump (teleport) the player to the nearest, friendly station - regardless of distance.
There is also a later level device, on-par with the Jumpdrive, but capable of teleporting to a friendly station.

Please tell me if you run into any bugs along the way, or if you think either version is over/under powered.


You can check out the forum page here: http://tiny.cc/EmergencyEscapeBeacons
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Author ThePrivateer
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Added (Last modified) 16.09.2012 (18.09.2012)
Game Version 1.08
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Shane Filomena 17.09.2012 02:59

I did something like that : slightly evil too : I had ones that belonged to the Hostiles available for purchase :) LOL

but I am happy that someone took the "same" idea and made better use of it :)

ThePrivateer 18.09.2012 01:57

Updated to make sure you can't use this in Rigel Aurelius.

DOSBox-gamer 21.09.2012 08:41

Kinda takes the fun out of it though, doesn't it? Maybe you could make it so the device burned out after one use (like a sacrificial flare or something). JMTC.

ThePrivateer 21.09.2012 09:15

Are you referring to the Beacons version, or the Device version...? The Beacon version destroys itself, the device does not - in the same way that the JumpDrive does not use itself up. If the beacons are not being destroyed, that might be a bug.

WillyTheSquid 04.11.2012 19:03


WillyTheSquid 04.12.2012 23:54

Need some graphics for this?

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