dbg Salvagers Fleet View Mod
Screenshot Not sure where to put this under: includes the Black Market Salvagers from before (the old, two different xmls are finally condensed into one), two new enemy Salvagers, one for the early systems and one nasty one for later, new friendly dockable traders, a new Ocean-class Playership, and a few new unique weapons (for the hostiles). As always, feedback is appreciated, and Enjoy!
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Author DOSBox-gamer
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Added (Last modified) 04.09.2012 (19.11.2012)
Game Version 1.07a
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DOSBox-gamer 21.09.2012 08:12

Tested okay for 108b.

ThePrivateer 03.11.2012 00:44

Found a really bad bug: in &stSalvager2Encounter; you have the ship as &scSalvagerNomad; not &scSalvager2Nomad; ergo the dockable trader in the early levels will never spawn. I adjusted it manually for doing the mod review, but you should try to fix that! :D

DOSBox-gamer 03.11.2012 12:05

Good catch, Privateer, and thank you! I've just spent the past two weeks banging off the walls trying to figure out why none of the dockable(s) were appearing (d'oh!). I will make the fix and re-upload tonight. Also, MotM - in September!? I gotta check in more often. Wow...

DOSBox-gamer 05.11.2012 14:41

Re-uploaded at 42 downloads. Includes the fix found by ThePrivateer, as well as a wpn posRadius fix for the Algae-class (from 60 to 50, so the cannons aren't firing from outside the hull :oops:).

Also, I'm kicking around an idea for the final (purple) ship graphics. Nothing definitive yet, I started the idea before and couldn't get it to work then, but now I think I might have something. I dunno, we'll see...

DOSBox-gamer 19.11.2012 05:24

Re-uploaded at 63 downloads. Renamed the dockable Salvager Nomads as Salvager Traders, plus fixed a glitch where they were selling but not buying. Purple mod still a bust, will be a Mining Salvager, if I can ever get it to work...

RPC 22.12.2012 18:32

If you need some mining code feel free to take the mining event handler from Dynamic systems V5.d ;)

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