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Screenshot Originally based on RPC's Planet Parallax, this mod extends the concept to every object that cannot normally be interacted with. The larger the object, the farther in the background.

But it doesn't stop there. The stars are massive and bright objects, and are visible everywhere except in the outer system, due to the parallax. This mod takes the game out of the 2D world and adds a lot of depth.

The hope is that this will lead to a more cinematic, engrossing, and inviting world. The stars and planets no longer provide a planet-sitting haven for the player, and asteroid fields feel like they do in TV and movies. Stars might even blind you with their glare.

The stars of the galaxy have been replaced with pictures sourced from NASA, and are covered under Fair Use.

Have fun out there, guys!
Categories Systems and Topology, Graphics
Author Jeoshua
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Added (Last modified) 28.07.2012 (15.07.2014)
Game Version 1.3b2
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TheLastBrunnenG 28.07.2012 03:42

As much as I like planet sitting, I'll give it up forever, because this mod is GORGEOUS. Really, really well done! This should be in vanilla, 100%.

Jeoshua 28.07.2012 05:24

Updated: New version separates asteroids somewhat instead of stacking them on top of each other.

Androgeos 28.07.2012 09:20

Hooray for 2.5D space!

Johnyaya137 28.07.2012 16:31

It's gorgeous, but I found a minor bug: when the "red giant" from Ross 248 appears on the map, it's a square with a round distortion at the center.

Jeoshua 28.07.2012 19:28

Except Ross 248 is supposed to be a Dwarf system, not a Giant. It appears correctly when you're up close, but apparently the bitmask is not applied to the stars when they are drawn on the maps. I fixed that, and additionally have adjusted the various parallaxes of the different types of stars to make their relative sizes more apparent.

RPC 29.07.2012 04:51

Nice to know I inspired somebody! :D

Definitely will win MoTM! :D :D :D

Jeoshua 29.07.2012 19:16

More than "inspired" RPC. The code for the asteroid parallaxes may be modified heavily, but it's based on what you wrote. It's more appropriate to say that this is the Vanilla version of the Sandbox Parallaxes, without all the dynamic system stuff. Also, I think you'll find if you look in the credits that I put you down as one of the creators of the mod, due to the fact most of the code is just refactored and retooled from your discoveries.

christian 29.07.2012 19:54

may be a bug:

On that mission for the mining camp, search and destroy those illegal miners, well, there is no location on the map for the asteroid that they are...

christian 30.07.2012 14:39

Well, and other... :/

sometimes, I get some bugs with the asteroids...I'll take a print latter...if I have enough time...It makes the system crashes, and the game closes...I lose 3 games of more than 2 hours because of this....So, I'm no longer playing with this...its really awesome, even yet, but...I prefer the current vanilla version...

Jeoshua 30.07.2012 19:58

I am working on a new version that changes tack a bit, leaves all asteroids that used to exist where they were, and only adds graphics for them. If the bug was caused by this mod it should do the trick.

However, I should note that I haven't been able to reproduce any piece of those errors. All mining quests go off without a hitch, I've never crashed.

The only error I've found is that sometimes there is an asteroid that parallaxes like it's far away but gets drawn over top of others like it was close.

christian 30.07.2012 20:17

I'll take a print next time...

...The problem that I have with mining quests is that there is no location defined for the mission, so I can't find those miners to kill...

and the worst bug, that closes the game, happens sometimes, and others don't :/

occured once in St. Kats, once in Draconis(If I wrote right...This one is from The Network)...

Jeoshua 01.08.2012 07:03

Well, I've updated the mod again. This should solve the miner quest issues (if, indeed, it was due to what I think it may have been).

The Brown Dwarves have also been further improved and the distribution of the asteroids has entirely changed. It should work seamlessly with an ongoing game, although systems you have visited before will still look the same as they did.

Also, this mod is on the voting lists for Mod Of The Month and is up for some stiff competition. Like it or love it, go to the forums and vote for your favorite mods.

Androgeos 08.08.2012 08:53

I got the following on debug a few days ago: /

Are lines 16 and 17 caused by DSF, this mod, both mods, or something else entirely?

alterecco 12.08.2012 15:47

Line 16 is DSF. But it is a very old version... Does any mod you have installed use it at all?

Androgeos 15.08.2012 11:25

Not at all. I only used it for G.O.D.

christian 15.08.2012 14:42

until now, no more crashes, you onw my (+)


christian 26.08.2012 23:44

Hey, I get another, but is the same, some probleme with "paralax_Asteroid-something....

Line (4)

I'll upload a print tomorrow...

The game just crashes and closes, playing with version 1.8f

Jeoshua 29.06.2014 08:19

Reuploaded at 402 downloads for Version 1.3.

The pretty suns are gone, for the time being. I will be working on that aspect and reuploading soon. This version will work fully.

Jeoshua 30.06.2014 05:33

Reuploaded again at 408 downloads.

The stars are back, and better than ever! The stars coronas don't quite match up with the background, due to the background glow of the stars. They look pretty good. Source files are included in XCF (Gimp) format, if anyone wants to take a shot at improving them. They look good as they are, now.

There may be some changes in the future, with color adjustments or new images for different classes of stars. Tell me what you think!

AssumedPseudonym 30.06.2014 06:38

†Just downloaded, but there are no graphics files included. Itís just the XML file.

Jeoshua 30.06.2014 14:20

Reuploaded at 410 downloads.

The source file included with the previous version pushed the file over 10 megs. I have reuploaded without the source file, and verified now that this is the correct version. My bad.

Pixelfck 30.06.2014 23:06

The very first commend made by TheLastBrunnenG basically says it all, this should be in vanilla.

AssumedPseudonym 01.07.2014 05:09

†ÖAnd thatís pretty much all that needs to be said on the matter. I wonít be playing another game without this one. Itís just that pretty.

Jeoshua 04.07.2014 03:37

Reuploaded at 424 uploads.

Stars have new images, masks have been improved, and more raw scientific data has been added to the star overrides. Now, nearly all star types have all the data types possible.

The Asteroid code has received a face lift, and should no longer cause miner bugs. The asteroids are now just eye candy, as they should have been.

Jeoshua 04.07.2014 20:15

Reuploaded at 425 uploads.

Totally reworked how parallax asteroids are created. Systems generate faster, and the code is more robust.

Jeoshua 10.07.2014 06:11

Reuploaded at 438 uploads.

Just about everything has been reworked and rewritten for this version. Asteroid placement is now procedurally generated instead of just random, the stars have been given some artistic love, Rigel Aurelius is now a unique star, and the Nebula star has been changed to a borderline Type L dwarf star... lots of changes, indeed. The mod is officially version 3.0 now (internal, not Trans version).

Jeoshua 15.07.2014 15:00

Reuploaded at 455 downloads.

Fixed up the special systems: Rigel was not appearing and the Nebula star was bugged. Changed distances of asteroids to take the Roche Limit and Hill spheres of the asteroids in question into account. This leads to a much more spread out distribution of asteroids for most types, and will be adjusted in the future.

Has been tested with System Density and Beyond the Mainline successfully. There should be no issues with either mod.

I need feedback and bug testing. I can't find all the little bugs on my own!

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