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This is a port of several ships and weapons from the Descent video game series into Transcendence. It adds two ships - an old Pyro-GX originally uploaded by Justin Krenz onto The Descent Network and MetalBeast's Pyro-GX - as well as many weapons and items from all three games in the Descent series.

If you have a version of this mod uploaded before 16/07/2012, you must delete /Extensions/Pyro-GX before updating.

This mod uses API version 12 and is compatible with Transcendence 1.08e and later.

Re-uploaded at 609 downloads on 25/03/2014. Please consult the included readme.txt file for additional details.
Categories Weapon, Ship (Player), Shield,
Reactor, Newbie Boosts, New Sounds,
Mining, Graphics, Usable,
Fuel, Drive, Devices
Author Androgeos
Rating 3   0
Added (Last modified) 14.07.2012 (25.03.2014)
Game Version 1.08e
Filesize 3.57 MB
Downloads 3163
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Darth Saber 16.07.2012 21:28

Descent; ah now there's a game! One of the first that I ever played that put you into a 3D environment, and taught you to always watch out for the guy that's on the ledge above you...

TheLastBrunnenG 17.07.2012 00:19

Mine was first, but yours is far, FAR better-looking. I think I'll combine them for my next playthrough!

Lord Aries 11.03.2014 19:53

Found an error. The level 6 Super laser is identical in everything save cost, with the level 6 Dual Super laser.

I abused that to accquire a boatfull of "cheap" L6 "not-really-dual" Superlasers.

Quite fun, but that really needs fixing, since the supposedly single laser is shooting as though it's a dual.

Androgeos 25.03.2014 13:59

The latest update as of the time of this post should correct that oversight. It also adds some other minor changes as well.

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