Omega Race View Mod
Screenshot This mod adds the Omegan Space Fighter from the 1981 Midway arcade game OMEGA RACE as a playable ship. It includes custom starting weapons, mine launcher, ammo, shield, armor, shield and armor graphics, and ship selection screen large image. Sound effects are taken from the original game (through an emulator). Mines for the launcher regenerate automatically. The starting weapon and launcher do not take up device slots or weight and can be installed and uninstalled at will (in case you still want to hear the sound effects later in the game).
Categories Ship (Player)
Author TheLastBrunnenG
Rating 3   0
Added (Last modified) 01.07.2012 (01.07.2012)
Game Version 1.08b
Filesize 623.02 KB
Downloads 1007
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Jose 01.07.2012 08:31

Adorable ship X3 (and sounds!)

digdug 01.07.2012 15:02

i love it !

Sansear 04.07.2012 10:58

Can't use it, got a message: Omegan laser cannon: Invalid painter tag: Beam, tried with a clean new install and crashed when game load.

Sansear 04.07.2012 19:38

So is my fault, version was 1.01 downloaded yesterday from the neurohack site, dont imagined it was outdated.

TheLastBrunnenG 07.07.2012 06:03

Thanks, RPC. I hadn't tried this mod with anything earlier than 1.08b.

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