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Screenshot This mod is the successor of Weapons Extended 4 (uploaded in december 2009 and received 2575 downloads)

WE5 features 1000+ weapons, shields and ammo, which are carefully balanced and randomized on all the ships.

A brand new system for handling ammo using dockscreens, new graphics, fully configurable ingame using menus, difficulty levels, new barrels and usable items, fixes to vanilla, planet names and more !

This mod also includes Wolfy's Centurion ships and the Praetorian.

Thread here: http://neurohack.com/transcendence/forums/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=5171
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Author digdug
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Added (Last modified) 01.07.2012 (26.08.2013)
Game Version 1.08e
Filesize 2.32 MB
Downloads 4792
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digdug 07.07.2012 01:56

yay, thank you RPC :D

SoullessOne 14.07.2012 19:15

Ok, I am looking thru this and well. I like. These weapons look like a ton of fun. Not like anything I really ever have ended up seeing. and the fact they are balanced, makes it all the more fun. I have played so far with a few (F'ckq) named ships (aka God took a dump on it and turned it to a basic Kratos vrs a slug)

digdug 14.07.2012 22:41

thanks, we spent months fixing and balancing this mod :D

digdug 18.08.2012 20:00

updated, resolves UNID conflict bugs.

WillyTheSquid 25.08.2012 12:50

Is the Praetorian compatible/fixed for PlayerShip drones?

digdug 25.08.2012 19:57

no, that will be done in the next update, together with some more polishing and fixes.

digdug 09.09.2012 18:52


Fixed tau cannon.

Added 2 new enhancers.

More fixes to prices and descriptions.

Viymese 09.12.2012 05:39

The Yari omni Laser isn't actually omnidirectional, just liked to point that out.

digdug 09.12.2012 17:57

oh, thank you, ill fix that for the next release

DOSBox-gamer 07.02.2013 12:25

Is there a separate mod for the new EI colours freighters? All of the UNIDs for ships & shields & everything else seem lumped together in no order. (JMTC: fewer weapons and more coloured ships, please!)

digdug 08.02.2013 00:57

Hi DOSBox-gamer,

sorry I never made the coloured freighters as a standalone mod. However more coloured ships is a great idea and it's planned for the next version. :)

digdug 20.08.2013 00:43

WE5 has been finally updated ! Lots of big and little bugfixes and implemented RPC's antilag code for Dynamic Systems mod !

RPC 20.08.2013 04:00

Yay updates :3

digdug 26.08.2013 16:01

Updated at 1204 downloads.

Fixed the dockscreen pointer to continuously reset when ammo primary weapons are present in the loot/jettison/buy/sell screens.

Thanks to PM for pointing me in the right direction for the fix ! :D

SaintNickless 18.09.2013 21:27

Hello! I got this error message trying this on version 1.1 and the latest beta of transcendence:

09/18/2013 14:22:39 Loaded extension: Extensions\WE_WeaponsExtended.xml

09/18/2013 14:22:40 Unable to find sound: d420f214.

09/18/2013 14:22:41 End logging session

Any idea of how to fix it?

digdug 19.09.2013 01:06

It's an incompatibility with SpongeJR's mod.

0xD420 - SpongeJr

Probably this mod: http://xelerus.de/index.php?s=mod&id=825

Like WE5, SpongeJR's mod is overwriting many weapons, the two mods are clearly conflicting

SaintNickless 19.09.2013 15:01

Aha. Thank you very much.

101hebat 10.01.2014 14:16

hello i have a problem

i play TS 1.1

Why if i enable this mod, my weapon projectile look like older TS version?

hope you can fix THX

digdug 10.01.2014 18:00

Hello 101hebat.

The weapon projectiles look like the old version of transcendence because the mod is designed for an older version of the game. I'm currently working on WE6, but I don't think I will update this mod on xelerus.

101hebat 16.01.2014 14:55

Thx for the explanation

erikem 13.04.2014 20:18

Seems that when combined PSD mod and possibly some of DynSys, Density Mod and More Dangerous Unviverse game starts failing with OnGlobalUpdate [810220]: Invalid sovereign [Nil] ### (sovGetDisposition 4113 (@ eventDesc "objSovereign")) error.

Is there any chance to fix or get around it?

WillyTheSquid 14.08.2014 04:40

so THIS mod was causing that crash....?

kuroichi0 15.12.2015 01:40

How to switch ammo for smartcannon,akan,etc?

digdug 17.12.2015 02:22

you can "u"se the weapon and you will get a menu where you can select the ammo priorities.

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