Interstellar Communication View Mod
Screenshot This device allows you to communicate with other ships; friendly and enemy. requires two other ROMs to unlock full capability.
To use: press u then 0 (zero) to select a ship, then press c to communicate with it.

EDIT: StarWeaver pointed out to me that this device will interfere with wingmen controls if it is used on them. So, I suggest not using it on wingmen :D
Categories Misc, DockScreens, Devices,
Quality approved, Recommended Mods, Ship (Friendly),
UI Enhancements, Usable
Author oldmanwynter
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Added (Last modified) 12.06.2012 (28.06.2014)
Game Version 1.08l
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Darth Saber 12.06.2012 19:11

Much like the "Communications Array" mod created by FAD for v.98 as found here:

I love both these mods; great job, oldmanwynter!

CYRUS KGABO 15.09.2012 15:09

Will it work 1.08f

digdug 17.09.2012 20:04

It's a recent mod, it can probably work well with 1.08f

oldmanwynter 31.10.2012 04:34

updated at 105 downloads. should work with 1.08l

WillyTheSquid 25.11.2012 20:51


Two things: NPC ships need buy limits. If you have MiningPack installed (or pirate wisely, FAQ forthcoming!) you can get pretty rich pretty quickly (if you're clever about it).

Second: the hotkey "0" is the same used in TVR's ICXmod for a ROM device. New proposal: hotkey: "T" (for Talk).

WillyTheSquid 25.11.2012 20:52

Tags added!

WillyTheSquid 04.12.2012 12:51

Found a serious bug by accident. If you have PSD, you can sell stuff to your own drones and get money for it.

Problem: if you establish communications with your own drone, you can't give it orders. you can still dock with them and pilot them, but they will follow you forever and you can't tell them to stay put. Dammit.

oldmanwynter 18.11.2013 09:04

Updated at 401 dls. Now includes an error: check to prevent bugs with drones. Also, changed hotkey to [T].

Next, I might try working on removing the event handler from ships (disabling communications)

Tested in 1.2, as well

TVR 06.05.2014 04:55

Infinite credit exploit by selling things to Mules.

Need to replace "(objHasAttribute target "00200000_PlayerShip")" with (or (objHasAttribute target "00200000_PlayerShip") (objHasAttribute target "auton"))


(objHasAttribute (objGetTarget gPlayership) "00200000_PlayerShip") with (or (objHasAttribute (objGetTarget gPlayership) "00200000_PlayerShip") (objHasAttribute (objGetTarget gPlayership) "auton"))

oldmanwynter 07.05.2014 11:18

Updated at 505 dls. Will no longer establish connections with autons. Thanks, TVR!

Shane Filomena 05.06.2014 21:53

I was thinking on something like this for 2 days.....LOL

Glad you saved us all the trouble:)

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