DySys Centauri Base Ship Compatibility Mod View Mod
Hi, there was a request to make the Centauri Base ship playable with PSDV5, so I did. Here it is, and have fun!
Now you have the ability to own your own personal death tank with 3 omni weapons in the first system! Good luck.
Requires DySys V5:
and PSD5:
Categories Ship (Friendly), Ship (Enemy), Newbie Boosts,
Broken Mods, Ship (Player)
Author RPC
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Added (Last modified) 11.06.2012 (11.06.2012)
Game Version 1.08b
Filesize 48.83 KB
Downloads 1656
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RPC 11.06.2012 21:00

Reuploaded at 7 dl's. Changed the UNID of the base ship so that it doesn't randomly show up as a wingman.

RPC 07.09.2012 08:00

Note: This is broken now that PM has updated PSD several, several times with many UNID changes. (comment at 66 downloads)

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