Remember Europa Code View Mod
Screenshot Just a itty bitty mod inspired by RPC's comments that you get told a secret code exactly once and have to remember it or write it down. Now you don't! After you've been told the code, it is autofilled when you see the place to write it in. Overwrites nothing.

New version after 2 downloads cause TransGeek showed me a better way to do it :D
Categories UI Enhancements, DockScreens
Author Star Weaver
Rating 6   0
Added (Last modified) 24.05.2012 (14.06.2012)
Game Version 1.08b
Filesize 1.4 KB
Downloads 1754
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Shane Filomena 25.05.2012 00:09

last time I took the mission, as opposed to getting myself killed, I forgot the code :(

Star Weaver 02.06.2012 02:27

NO NEED TO REDOWNLOAD. Updated at 33 downloads to add text file and license info, no gameplay changes at all.

Star Weaver 14.06.2012 09:29

Ummm, if any of the people downloaded it after 33 downloads and it prevented the game from loading, I fixed that now. Silly me thought version was metadata and didn't test it >_>

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