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ScreenshotScreenshot Hi guys. Due to heavy demand on IRC and multiple requests, I've decided to release the Advanced LRS into the wild. Build by Bobby in the Agauptera and refined with my help, we were able to make an LRS that distinguishes ships and stations by faction. I'm expecting that I could pump out a beta of Sandbox in 6 months (since summer is coming up), so hopefully this release isn't exactly one of those one time releases of things to never come. We hope you, the player, will enjoy it as you have fun with our neat toy. :D
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Author RPC
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Added (Last modified) 09.05.2012 (20.07.2014)
Game Version 1.08b
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Shane Filomena 09.05.2012 03:00

it is now in my treasure box :)

WillyTheSquid 09.05.2012 03:01

Hells yes, great idea

mistere 09.05.2012 03:28

Awesome enhancement RPC!

sp_testure 10.05.2012 21:42

Sounds great! I always liked how the yacht would warn you of enemies, and that you could 'ping' to see what is around you. I would love to use something like that on my trusty Britannia. Cheers!

WillyTheSquid 25.05.2012 07:17

This is one of my favorite mods, conceptually. The Agauptera's early warning system would save JUST enough time to get away from nasties or intercept juicy targets -- because you had no need to look at the minimap. :)

WillyTheSquid 18.06.2012 08:19

How about adding this one to your utility items pack? I enjoy the version you gave me on IRC a lot:D

WillyTheSquid 05.07.2012 19:40

Deservedly MotM

Star Weaver 06.07.2012 16:14

You could just make the utilities pack startup code give you a ADVLRS if it detects that such exists in the game, too :)

Gilipheoun 01.08.2012 02:48

Still having trouble getting it to work.. No conflicts or errors but the HUD stays the smae .. no dots or anything.

And im using 1.08b

RPC 03.08.2012 18:58

Did you get the item? It's a misc item that you have to find, and it's supposed to be more of a surprise item. I might change it so that you get it on startup though.

Gilipheoun 14.08.2012 20:24

Oh. Ok well I got a couple systems in. But never noticed anything. Ill have to make another run through.

RPC 16.08.2012 00:33

When I play it usually shows up at ~St. Kat's area. If not, you can always use the corp outpost to get it (I did one time).

Gilipheoun 17.08.2012 00:05

Awesome. Thank you RPC.

(I cheated and used gem of dispair lol)

Works Great :)

RPC 17.08.2012 19:37

No prob ;)

Did you find it in St. Kats btw?

Gilipheoun 05.09.2012 01:27

Nooooo :(

Had to go to a trading post to get it.

Had a couple more play throughs but still nothing. I love your mod thoe. More spacey and interactive.

RPC 05.09.2012 05:53

Hmm yeah, I usually get this after an Advanced Repair Droid from Bobby's Repair Droids.

Aww, I'll make it to a common item then ;)

RPC 05.09.2012 06:13

Reuploaded at 160 dl's. Changed rarity from rare to common.

oldmanwynter 07.05.2014 09:25

Would love to see this updated to the latest version :P

RPC 20.07.2014 07:55


Unfortunately it appears that overlays have changed behavior so I don't know how to exactly get old functionality back. This means I switched to sysCreateEffect and as a result, the LRS blips in the view screen appear on the LRS as weaponsfire (yellow). This hopefully shouldn't bother too much, since faction information is pretty important!

Also extended LRS to 150 ls scanning distance.

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UI Enhancements, Reviewed on YouTube, Recommended Mods,

Quality approved, Prior Mods of the Month, Newbie Boosts,

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