Change Cargohold View By Category View Mod
Screenshot This mod is another example of scrAddAction that adds a new action to the playership cargohold called "Switch to category view". This action sends you to a new screen that is a duplicate of the cargohold screen, but with some special features. Two of the actions on the new screen also use scrAddAction.

The new screen provides two new ways to change the filters on the items you can see. Next category and Previous category allow you to scroll through different views such as only showing armor, or just alien items.

You can also use the Choose category feature, which allows you to type in a category instead of scrolling through all categories. The categories are preset and a list of all 26 can be found on the Choose category pane.

Ever wanted to jettison all your damaged armor segments? Well navigate to the damaged armor category and you can jettison them all without worrying about jettisoning anything else!

Special thanks to StarWeaver for helpful suggestions and ideas!
Categories Quality approved, Misc, Game Statistics,
Recommended Mods, DockScreens, Developers Vault,
Ship (Player), UI Enhancements
Author TranscendentGeek
Rating 10   0
Added (Last modified) 08.05.2012 (08.05.2012)
Game Version 1.08b
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mistere 09.05.2012 01:36

Cool. Yet another of those polishing dockscreen features. I use to spend lots of time scrolling through inventory- no more!


digdug 17.05.2012 03:22

this is actually something that could go into vanilla :D

TranscendentGeek 17.05.2012 07:26

digdug, if george put something I made in vanilla I think I would die from the compliment of it. lol

WillyTheSquid 26.05.2012 14:00

Fantastic work. Small change, big effect. Recommended mod.

ronelm2000 30.05.2012 15:42

This isn't something that could go into vanilla...

... this SHOULD be in vanilla!

StealthX051 11.04.2014 04:23

I have to understand something, why does this have the Ship(Player) tag?

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