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Screenshot This is prototype mod is my attempt to make zombie wingmen (Zingmen?). It's fairly unbalanced for now, although I want to fix that, and update it, or just make a non- god-zombie version.
1) Transverse Tachyon Flux Shields
^--(Reflects everything but Dark Fire- Zombie wingmen get these)
2) Zombie Assimilator
^--(Infects enemy, turning them into your wingman)
3) Zombie Plasma
^--(Wingmen carry these- can do plenty of damage)
4) Zombie Containment Beam
^--(Deals dark fire damage, in order to bring down zombies' shields)

In the screenshot, I've ordered the Ares zombie wingmen to attack a commonwealth wingman with the Zombie Plasmas. The green snot-spray is the Zombie Assimilator infection cloud.
Categories Weapon, Godmod
Author mistere
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Added (Last modified) 07.05.2012 (07.05.2012)
Game Version 1.08b
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digdug 07.05.2012 03:10

this mod contains one of the best weapon effects I've seen in some time !

awesome :D

mistere 07.05.2012 03:12

Thanks, digdug!

The zombie plasma effects are slightly different from the ones on my "zombie bolt" in my first (god)mod.

mistere 07.05.2012 03:25

For those that are impatient, if you have alterecco's G.O.D. mod, you can give yourself the assimilator and containment weapons. You can even target a zombie wingman, and custom equip the assimilator to your wingman or give them less powerful weapons to make it more challenging.

mistere 07.05.2012 04:23

Hmm. Might not want too big a squadron, guys. It seems to work fine, but in the game depicted by the screenshot, when I tried to gate out, it crashed with all those ares wingmen. Idk why exactly.

RPC 07.05.2012 07:09

Ok, gonna spawn your zombies and have my zombies fight them and see who wins! :D

Llwch 07.05.2012 07:36

Silly, but fun. :)


Shane Filomena 08.05.2012 12:12

I never understood the facination with the Zombies :

BUT, I made up a word for it anyway: "Necro-Shipia"

And I will add this to me treasures:)

christian 08.05.2012 15:50


(.... LOL ....)

Star Weaver 08.05.2012 23:38

In theaters july: Wingman Zed.

mistere 09.05.2012 01:45

Shane- I don't understand the absence of a fascination. I mean, space viruses. Intelligent, space-faring undead. Of course, they don't have to be dead. Maybe "pod people" is a better way of thinking of them.

Phillip 23.08.2013 17:07

Good Work !

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