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This mod contains two shield generators; the 'Hi-Energy phase shield' and the 'Kinetic phase shield'. Each focusses on defending vs certain types of damage, having higher absorbtion ratings vs some damage, low against others. The other is a mirror image. Also each shield has it's 'tunable phase frequency' that blocks certain damage, both incoming fire AND your own weapons.

Hi-Energy phase shield is good vs beams: laser, particle, ion, positron, antimatter and graviton and can block one of these. 'Using' the shield will cycle through these with the 'Z' key. Kinetic is the same but defends and cycles against Kinetic (projectile), blast, thermo, plasma, nano, singularity.
Categories Shield, Devices
Author Patupi
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Added (Last modified) 27.04.2012 (27.04.2012)
Game Version 1.08b
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Darth Saber 28.04.2012 06:10

+1; Great mod, Patupi!

Patupi 28.04.2012 19:02

Thanks, I'm currently (slowly) working on a learning Nanotech shield to add to this. It absorbs other shields and earns points and ability to upgrade relative to current values (damage absorbtion, HPs, regen, restart delay etc) All upgrades will increase power, and efficiency will lower power requirements.

It's going slow as this is my third mod after all :)

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