Matix's Revolutionary Repair Items View Mod
Damaged shields? Misfiring weapon? This mod is for you! Contains:
-Shield repair/enhancement ROM
-Weapon repair ROM
-Regenerative Cannon (heals the armor of your target!)

Updated at 50 downloads: Fixed
problem where ROMs wouldnt appear in
game. They are now also "unknown" type
Categories Usable, Weapon
Author Matix
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Added (Last modified) 25.04.2012 (28.05.2012)
Game Version 1.08
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Shane Filomena 25.04.2012 05:20

saw the console : need this piece of Art :)

Patupi 25.04.2012 10:39

Nice idea, with roms at least they don't weigh much to keep a stock in supply on your ship.

Just an idle thought, what if we could do a 'maintenance unit' that repaired any system on your ship for a cost? Maybe use up mass of item amount mineral of the level of the weapon? IE if a device massed 4 tons then it'd need 4 tons of minerals to fix it? That might keep some balance for a unit that could repair anything and not be used up (like Bobby's repair droids mod) but still restrict use in some way.

Darth Saber 27.04.2012 06:11

Patupi, although your idea has merit, there are potential flaws:

1.) Let us say that you looted a laser cannon from a Corsair, and want to fix it. The mass of a laser cannon is 1000. Now what happens of your cargo capacity is only 500? If one were to follow your thought to the letter, then the laser cannon would never be able to be repaired for sheer lack of room to hold the necessary resources.

2.) There is also mass to consider. The player's ship may be small or lightweight, designed perhaps as a fighter. Now if one's cargo hold were able to hold the 1000 tons needed to repair the laser cannon, plus the cannon itself, and that tonnage was in mineral ore, then the player's ship would be moving slowly, and would theoretically require more thrust just to get moving.

3.) As to the cost you mentioned: if having to collect the needed resources were not enough of a cost, what happens if the player, after all this effort, were to come up short of ready funds? The player might have to sell something, yet the cargo hold may only have had room enough for the damaged laser cannon and the needed ore, so guess what the player might be forced to sell...

Now these critiques are merely points to ponder. You idea, as I stated before, has both merit and potential - if developed properly, with every facet taken into account. Good luck!

Shane Filomena 28.04.2012 02:41

Im still saving it for the STK auctions : I WILL be swiming in credits with these originals :) LOL

Now we have to create such an arena :)

Matix 28.05.2012 18:43


Updated at 43 downloads: Fixed

problem where ROMs wouldnt appear in

game. They are now also "unknown" type


Matix 28.06.2012 15:45

Typo ^ should say "50" in my last comment

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