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Weapon Labs,
Build your own weapon, for the first time in Transcendence history, you can Create a totally new weapon from an in game station! About 35000 Variants available!

Recycle your old weapon to get parts for a new one, or find parts and get the weapon you saw in that station over there,

Balance suggestions are always welcome, as are ideas and other comments.

Thanks to WillyTheSquid for grahpics (pixel editing, adding lighting, recoloring) Transgeek for ideas and some code work, Amariithynar for a bit of testing,
AssumedPseudonym for some testing and other fixes.
And All the guys on IRC for support!

All non-mission vanilla weapons are recyclable

Updated at 177 dls, Now out of beta :D
fixed power use and some text, added the ability to make custom weapon mount in the launcher slot (Dual Wield Weapons!! :D )

Updated at 3485 dls
Now supports Modded weapons, also now works better with 1.7a2c
still probably not balanced very well, but it should be much better

Categories Weapon, UI Enhancements, Station,
Author sdw195
Rating 19   1
Added (Last modified) 18.04.2012 (02.12.2016)
Game Version 1.7a2c
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WillyTheSquid 18.04.2012 14:48

Congrats on getting it out my man!

digdug 18.04.2012 18:39

27000 weapons ! this is awesome ! :D

Darth Saber 18.04.2012 19:23

As Tony the tiger would say:

"It's grrrreat!

Darth Saber 18.04.2012 19:24

As Tony the tiger would say:

"It's grrrreat!"

(Missing quote mark added)

Llwch 19.04.2012 09:49

Oh, I *LIKE*... +1

Having a hard time gathering the parts needed to make weapons, but then again, I'm also working hard at the mining bit, as I know I'll *need* the money to make it happen...

sdw195 19.04.2012 11:41

Llwch You can also get parts by recycling unwanted weapons, for a price

I don't know if you gain money doing it, will have to try it :)

Llwch 19.04.2012 13:08

Should I re download it, then? Restart required...?

sdw195 19.04.2012 23:15

Just Reuploaded at 44 dls with a few fixes, please redownload and restart :D thanks!

sdw195 23.04.2012 03:10

Updated at 83 downloads, new gfx and now is compatible with PM's playership drones Linked weapons

jcgonz 24.04.2012 16:23

Le wild cat says "Mod iz greatz."

WillyTheSquid 25.04.2012 00:23

You should really add a screenshot. I could bash together an animated gif ?

sdw195 25.04.2012 03:36

Yes Please!! that would be great!

sdw195 26.04.2012 05:26

updated at 105 dls, update not necessary,

Patupi 29.04.2012 04:45

Quick query, are you planning on doing other labs? A shield lab, armor lab etc?

sdw195 29.04.2012 09:29

umm, i am helping willythesquidand and transgeek some armor mod, with an armor randomizer made by me. i considered a shield lab, but it i think it wouldn't be very balanced or would actually work that well

Patupi 29.04.2012 16:31

I guess shield stuff could be a little overbalanced... not sure. You could put balancers in there. IE some shield parts have negative effects so you couldn't get a heavy regen AND high HPs etc.

On another note... Like the mod! Finally finshed my old game and got to restart with this. Very well done. One thing, when you get a final 'confirmation' to build a custom weapon could you add in how much power the gun will draw? It's a bummer to build you perfect weapon... then find it draws more power than your current reactor at max! :)

sdw195 30.04.2012 01:00

actually, power use is needing a massive overhaul, its planned, but not high on the list.

sdw195 30.04.2012 04:27

i also added the power use to the end config screen, enjoy Patupi :)

Patupi 30.04.2012 22:53

Thanks, I'm testing it now.

sdw195 10.05.2012 00:13

Updated at 177 dls, Now out of beta :D

restart required if you want to update

WarSkillz 20.05.2012 13:15

guys i have a problem ! i dont know too much about this game and i have a parsing error when i install this mod! can someone help me a little please?

RPC 20.05.2012 19:44

Parsing error shouldn't happen unless sdw made a simple error.

Do you have 1.08b? I'm sure Weapons Labs can't work on previous versions.


Here's also the wiki page on installing mods:


If it still doesn't work please let us know.

sdw195 27.05.2012 00:31

updated @ 256 dls, fixed some bugs, (i hope)

HatsuyaKanzaki 28.05.2012 17:43


Firing projectile selection. It should come in form as projectile chips, whether we want our custom SmartCannon look like shooting wisps, or thorns.

ahmad 28.06.2012 06:55

this mod i cant download!

sdw195 30.06.2012 00:59

@ahmad is it just this mod, or can't you download any?

christian 14.08.2012 15:31

just put &d=1 in the end of the URL...

This way:

http://xelerus.de/index.php?s=mod&id=1092& ;d=1

sdw195 23.08.2012 20:04

fixed duplicate UNID error

RPC 17.12.2012 05:13

<RPC> sdw195: nah, it's not a problem, its just that Kacy requested the weaponslabs station to be in Rigel (a guaranteed one) and I used the virtual station - turns out I had to dig for a "test station" intead....

Porost 07.01.2013 20:29

Fun but so, so, so very much abusable. Example:

* five-shot barrel and ion chamber (from an ion flame cannon - around 70k)

* multitargeting mount (costs around 5k)

* level X damage module (costs around 50k)

You should be able to get these for less than 200k credits, much less if you find some of it instead of buying, and will give you a weapon with:

* DPS higher than that of a +150% IM90

* 5x multitargeting

* range around that of a Katana Starcannon

* a decent WMD rating, enough to very quickly destroy any station

* power draw of around 50MW

and that's before any enhancement. That's enough to murder Phoboses with a couple flybys and do Heretic with other equipment at level VII without too much trouble (which I did). And if that's not enough you could probably give it positron damage type if you grabbed an Ares positron gun first.

davidbfgday 17.03.2013 01:22

how do i recicle weps

Patupi 17.03.2013 16:31

Recycle is an option within the 'create custom (W)eapon' menu. It does now work with most weapons, though there are still some it can't recycle.

Patupi 23.03.2013 17:38

SDW? Just a query. When I'm building Positron and Plasma weapons the 'repeating' module doesn't seem to do anything to the rate of fire. Very occasionally I get a [2] in the description for double shot, but otherwise whether I add Repeating or not doesn't alter the ROF, either in the description or just timing the shots (just incase the description is off)

Patupi 23.03.2013 17:40

Might be helpful if the pre-build description at the end of design included an ROF value too.

FAD 11.02.2014 02:50

Seems like every single frigging weapon I had costom made ended up with a ROF of a howitzer. Is there any way to adjust/set the ROF when building a weapon? There should be.

kevin_n_lugoff 23.03.2014 19:24

Just an idea for this mod if it will be updated or looked at again. I noticed that I can't view all categories when I am making a weapon. I can only see up to plasma when choosing the weapon and only up to level 8 for choosing damage. I have all modules and weapons chambers needed to build a dark fire weapon but can't see any option to choose it. Thanks and great mod. :)

TVR 30.05.2014 05:11

Looks like I'll be updating this mod for 1.3, if anyone would like to see any specific features or bug fixes, please do mention them.

Dragonz 19.09.2014 18:38

When will this be updated for 1.3? It has been a couple months, and I was just wondering when the big release will be.

travbm 02.08.2015 21:06

So can I have crystal to make a uranium laser with a fission damage bream.

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