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The name says it all. This is a simple mod that overwrites the vanilla reactors. It doubles the size of the fuel tanks there by reducing the number of times the player has to refuel.

It also makes the reactors slotless. If you use PM's reactor pack delete the slotless xml before using this mod.

Enjoy your extended flight times!
Categories Reactor, Newbie Boosts, Fuel
Author TranscendentGeek
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Added (Last modified) 12.04.2012 (12.04.2012)
Game Version 1.08b
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Patupi 12.04.2012 21:46

Um, there is no 'slotless.xml' in the pack, just 'BiggerFuelTanks.xml'. I'll try it as I've always thought the fuel tank was way too small. Personally I think additional tanks would be better rather than changing the basic reactor.. but this still will help a lot. Having to get bigger reactors and smaller power drain just maintain fuel reserves is just silly.

TranscendentGeek 12.04.2012 23:14

Patupi I meant the slotless.xml in PM's mod.

Shane Filomena 13.04.2012 01:24

Item suggestion : maybe : if we can get cargo expansions why can not the next version add in fuel tank expansions ?

Just a thought. but I think it would sound better comming from you :)

( nobody ever replies to my posts : i am so neglected :) LOL )

TranscendentGeek 13.04.2012 02:30

The forums are rather quiet come to the IRC.

I hadn't thought of fuel tank expansions...I will look into that as a mod lol

Patupi 14.04.2012 20:05

Hmm, OK thanks for the update... but it seemed to work OK with the reactor mod working at full *shrugs* would there be issues with double xmls?

It'd be interessting to see a mod with fuel tankes TranscendentGeek, I'll look out for that. I'm using your mining pack at present (among many others) and do like it. It's nice to finally be able to mine and carry illegal goods at the same time. Love those pods. Plus the ICX miner is perfect!

TranscendentGeek 14.04.2012 21:49

Patupi thanks I love feedback. If you have suggestions for future mods or updates to the Mining Pack let me know.

Patupi 14.04.2012 22:08

Up till recently I've been using PM's 912 items pack with it's ore scanner, but the one from the mining pack seems to work better. There is a slight delay, but the different levels as you upgrade hinder and feel right :) Plus I like the minimining laser. A laser with no device slot is not to be sneezed at (especially in a cargo ship with one weapon slot!)

Um, I guess I really should be saying this on your page... .duh! ;P

christian 17.04.2012 20:47


I thought about fuel tanks expansions, but isn't the kind of mod than I usually make, i prefer things than explode...

and one IDEA for the fuel tanks expansions was: make them "slotless"\external devices, and when the ship take damage a 25% chance of secondary explosions, damage to devices and hull... But the coding was giving me headache...was taking to long to see something exploding, and my HardDrive dies than I lost a lot of things...this day forward I never put my Transcendence "things" on the same hardDrive of the Windows...

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