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Screenshot New non-orthographic renders, 1.08 friendly images, a Typhoon that doesn't look like a Model T Ford, and a new ship rounding out the supported play styles. The Zephyr is a very light, fast ship that will make you scrimp for every ton.
The Tempest is a fast ship that plays similarly to the Wolfen, but is restricted from using some equipment. The Typhoon is a heavy, somewhat sluggish ship with heavy armor and many device and weapon slots.
The Monsoon is a quickly turning slowly accelerating freighter with a high top speed and slightly more slot flexibility than the EI500. The Gulf Stream is like a somewhat heavier Sapphire.
These five ships vary significantly in difficulty, but should all be playable. I'd suggest the Typhoon as relatively powerful and the Zephyr as a challenge. Other ships are in between and may suit you well or ill depending on your play style.
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Author Atarlost
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Added (Last modified) 17.03.2012 (18.03.2012)
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Atarlost 18.03.2012 02:53

typo in staticdata crippled Typhoon.

Llwch 21.03.2012 09:35

Updated Transcendence just so I could try some of these out. Will see how they play.

WillyTheSquid 21.03.2012 14:25

Still loving the Moonsoon after all this time, but I cannot help but feel that the texturing choices you made cause your ships to visually clash with the Vanilla ships.

Patupi 24.03.2012 04:26

Just a note, is there a reason the ships (particularly the Heavy Gunship) have a weight limit to the devices they can carry? Seems odd that a 'heavy' gunship can't carry devices that the stock ships can. Is it just because that heavy gunship has a lot of devices? IE, lots of smaller devices rather than a few heavy? If so you might want to mention that on the ship select screen

WillyTheSquid 22.03.2014 10:20

Heads up: this crashes Trans 1.3 for every playership, not just the ones in this mod, when hitting the "replace" option in the armor repair/replace dockscreen.

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