New Ore Graphics (+Fuel rods) View Mod
Screenshot Every ore looks different now. Menu image graphics for each ore type, and (optionally) for the fuel rods as well.
These ore graphics are extensive reworks of SiaFu's "Stellifer Labs" graphical update (sadly unfinished).
Overrides the vanilla ores and fuel rods. Either part is optional.
Uncompressed .BMP included in case you want to do some edits of your own.
Compatible with the new 1.08b version of the game.
Categories Quality approved, Mining, Graphics
Author WillyTheSquid
Rating 7   0
Added (Last modified) 15.03.2012 (15.03.2012)
Game Version 1.08b
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Shane Filomena 17.03.2012 00:17

pretty colors........LOL

this would sure liven things up :)

thank you:)

sp_testure 17.03.2012 19:40

I agree.. I was hoping someone would get around to making a mod like this...Cheers :)

TranscendentGeek 18.03.2012 02:11

works with 1.008b as well.

WillyTheSquid 19.03.2012 23:47

Thanks to all who upvoted, I'm pleasantly surprised by all the positive feedback.

New items pack with new reactors and fuel rod types is coming up when the Mining Pack TranscendentGeek & I are working on is done.

christian 20.03.2012 17:04


something than I don't like in any NewGraphics mod about ores, is:

The shape never changes....would be great have several graphics for ores, the code "<imagevariants>" of the planets could do the job, I didn't make anything like that cause I don't really have much free time...(Job...School...other mods...)

even yet, great work

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