Dual Omni Mining Laser View Mod
This mod simply replaces the stock mining laser with dual omnidirectional version with converging beams.

Works best with alterecco\'s Asteroid Scanner since the scanner targets the asteroid. http://xelerus.de/index.php?s=mod&id=781

Also recommended in addition is PM\'s Named Ore http://xelerus.de/index.php?s=mod&id=1067 and PM\'s Mined Asteroids Explodes.

Also will work well with my Ore Smelting Mod. http://xelerus.de/index.php?s=mod&id=1063

All four combined makes mining easier, more enjoyable, and more rewarding!
Categories Weapon, Mining
Author TranscendentGeek
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Added (Last modified) 10.03.2012 (10.03.2012)
Game Version 1.07a
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Shane Filomena 10.03.2012 14:38

You know..In the old days we used to Dig the Ore out of the Asteroid in our Suits with short Lasers and small cargo holds...I lost many Co-Pilots to "Navigational Accidents" around Asteroids..But the Insurance always made good with the clones : and the Clones Don't know everything up to the minute, so there was no Profit sharing on a few of those trips :) .

I think this a great adventure helping piece of work and you are right: if we get all the pieces together this could be a New Dawn for Mining.

TranscendentGeek 10.03.2012 15:55

I am seeking permission from PM to include his mods in a Mining pack. So Hopefully the noobs can get their enhanced mining options in one download :)

WillyTheSquid 10.03.2012 16:53

TranscendentGeek, I'm also working on that. I'm pretty well along. We could collab if you want?

TranscendentGeek 16.03.2012 03:34

This mod will be replaced soon by a new modular Mining Mod Pack. Look for it over the next week!

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