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This mod contains 4 System Map Scanner devices Mark I-IV. Each device can scan a discreet circle around the ship for stations mapping those stations. This works in two ways.

The active side is invoked by 'U'sing the device. This scans region 250ls across in the Mark I, 500ls in the Mark II, and 750ls in the Mark III. These active scanners disrupt all other sensors temporarily causing visual display problems. The active scanners also tend to alert pirates to your ships presence.

The scanners also have a passive capacity that automatically scans from stations within half the active scans radius. Passive scans are undetectable and don't cause problems with the visual display.

The Mark IV has only an active mode and the problems of pirates and sensor disruptions do not exist. The Mark IV also has unlimited range.

Added a YouTube video of the Scanner Mark I in action
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Author TranscendentGeek
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Added (Last modified) 18.02.2012 (24.02.2012)
Game Version 1.07a
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Darth Saber 20.02.2012 18:37

Nicely done, for a TranscendentGeek; nicely done... :-)

TranscendentGeek 20.02.2012 19:17


mistere 20.02.2012 20:12

Awesome mod!

TranscendentGeek 20.02.2012 20:47

Be sure to rate it!

Vachtra 21.02.2012 17:51

Interesting mod but you might rethink the progressions a little (cost, power use, level).

I'm currently working on a system setup with stations and orbiting planets a little farther out than I believe the progression would suggest (more than 1,000ls).

I really like the idea of the device setups but think it needs to be a little more limited for a multi use item.

TranscendentGeek 21.02.2012 18:55

The cost was based on what it would cost to buy a system map rom for every system in the vanilla game. Since it is rather easy to get them from Corporate trading posts I didn't want to over price for that reason. Do you have recommended cost power use and levels that you would prefer?

TranscendentGeek 22.02.2012 00:02

Re-uploaded after 30 downloads. Add passive scanning at half the distance of the active scan. Increased price and cost for all four models.

Shane Filomena 22.02.2012 10:40

Personally, I WANT THIS. :)

I like pushing things toward the outer limits in a system but after 800 to 1500 things get slag as the game treats it almost as a binary with alot going on: so i have pulled alot of my stuff back in closer to cut the slag on the updates ( even in Eridani ).

However, I think this is a great thing and should be the predecessor to the targeting systems others asked for. being as you have broken down the wall by starting the fire of competition :)

I would say : price: as you were, your original idea was awesome, but your the author, Ill enjoy your work either way ( i got the god mode if I fail to get what i want without using tricks :) )

TranscendentGeek 22.02.2012 10:48

Thanks, I am surprised that such a simple mod is getting so many downloads and remarks. What targeting systems are you referring to?

Vachtra 22.02.2012 15:31

My reasoning on the cost is not only based on uses but on level and convenience, although I try to think beyond vanilla (The Network).

The sheer fact that you don't have to go looking for system maps or ordering them from corporate trading posts is well worth three times the map costs alone. Think how much more you pay for just having something now rather than waiting.

As for level, currently the cheapest level 7 device is 35,000. Not to say it can't be cheaper but as a comparison...

TranscendentGeek 24.02.2012 02:25

Reuploaded at 41 downloads with three optional price schemes. Cheap, Default, and Expensive for my friend Vachtra.

Vachtra 24.02.2012 16:03

You shouldn't have. :)

But since you did I'm going to figure out who best to use each of them.

I would guess the cheap one I might stick in the vanilla I use for testing, default for the fun to play with a few mods and expensive for the net and directors cut.

Thanks for the awesome mod.

TranscendentGeek 24.02.2012 22:54

Your Welcome! :)

Llwch 26.02.2012 02:51

I'm having a weird result with this one... When I use the scanner, I get a visual display error (like the ROM that makes it go fuzzy and full of snow), and all the pirates in the system descend on me (no big deal, as by this point, I'm usually able to defend myself). Still, it's an annoyance. Is this a MOD conflict, or part of the MOD "features"?

TranscendentGeek 26.02.2012 07:40

It is part of an effort to make the mod balanced. :) The Mark I-III will have the same effect. The Mark IV doesn't. The rational is that it disrupts regular sensors while actively scanning and that pirates pick up on the active scan and attack. Basically you are sending out high energy pulses that disrupt your senors and make you light up like a bonfire to pirate sensors. If it annoys you too bad I will add a pirate/disruption free version.

Llwch 26.02.2012 10:16

Actually, now that you put it that way, it makes sense. Or make passive sensor versions of them, but make them like 5x the cost, or something.

TranscendentGeek 26.02.2012 12:21

Actually, passive senors are there. The passive range is half the active range. This is pretty small on the Mark I, but still above the base range. Hence you have the active power drain from the passive sensor, and the active drain of the capacitor for the active sensor.

TranscendentGeek 26.02.2012 12:32

LLwch thanks to your comments I updated the header to make things clearer. :)

Llwch 26.02.2012 12:39

Ah... You see, that makes all the difference. After the visual display error, I thought it was broken, and deleted it from my extensions. I'll put it back in, now, and let it do it's magic - passively - until I can afford the Mark IV. :)

TranscendentGeek 26.02.2012 12:44

Llwch the visual problems are reduced for each model and only last for a few seconds. The pirates are spawned technically and are really just a minor annoyance. Of course I am not sure how many will spawn in the higher levels :)

TranscendentGeek 26.02.2012 12:46

PS if you like the Map Scanner check out my Ore Smelting and Fuel Making mod here:

"Shameless mod plug" :)

Llwch 27.02.2012 01:29

Saw that one too, TranscendentGeek. I haven't decided if I want to install it just yet (though I did download it).

This sucks - every time I find a neat new MOD that I want to toy with, I have to start the game all over again. :(

I think I've only been to St. Kat's twice in the past month (I have made it much further in the game, once, four months ago, then my main PC died)...

TranscendentGeek 27.02.2012 03:27

LLwch I know the feeling I MOD more than I play lol

Llwch 27.02.2012 03:39

I can't MOD worth a damn - as I don't think in XML or any other code...

I would be a good creative director. I come up with the good ideas, and then expect the peons beneath me to make it work. :D

Llwch 08.03.2012 10:27

Just upgraded to Scanner III... IV (thus far) has eluded me... III is nice, when I'm zipping around the galaxy with my Inertia-less drive, and the passive scanning is letting me see where I want to go (and, as importantly, where NOT to go).

Yeah, the Inertial-less engine upgrade MIGHT be a bit of a cheat MOD, but I only have about a half hour or so per day to play (when on break at work). I need to make good use of my time. :D

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