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ever wanted to put a shield around that freighter that you were just escorting before it blew up??. Well now you can! with the new throwable shield, you can protect any ship in the galaxy, (within 200ls) and provide ease of mind to who ever is flying it.

updated at 21 downloads, now it actually works!

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Author sdw195
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Added (Last modified) 05.02.2012 (10.02.2012)
Game Version 1.07a
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Shane Filomena 05.02.2012 11:08

So basically your a Star Trek Fan that wanted to extend a shield to cover a weak ship...:)

I once thought of this as possible, but never thought it fair because once the technology exists, the Hostiles might get hold of it....( that might be fun )

sdw195 05.02.2012 20:14

actually, i have never watch star trek :P

christian 06.02.2012 14:56

it's like when an Al'kesh extend a shield to protect a Building in Stargate - Continuum :D

Darth Saber 06.02.2012 20:59

I tried to create something similar with my "Eye of the Storm" mod, a few years back. Great job sdw195!

zack 08.02.2012 18:55

dosen't serve the purpose.. as mentioned .... flaw in code .. :-(

sdw195 08.02.2012 23:23

@zack, care to explain the issue?

zack 09.02.2012 07:53

dosen't throw shield to the targeted ship.... instead it just increases n decreases playership shields..... check the code u r using gsource everywhere which relates to the playership....

zack 09.02.2012 18:52

instead use (objGetTarget gsource) to get the targeted ship.....

sdw195 10.02.2012 00:45

updated at 21 downloads, fixed all above mentioned bugs, thrown shield now protects targeted ship, please re-download and re-vote

mistere 10.02.2012 06:35


jcgonz 24.04.2012 16:17

I will try this. And hopefully +rate it too.

FourFire 14.08.2012 15:38

Could you please make an upgraded version too?

I found it very useful to a point but then dangerous to have.

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