Gravity View Mod
Just a little experiment to see people's reactions if I add some gravity to planets ;)
NPC ships however, are not affected because they're not smart enough to get out :/
HINT:Don't get heavy.
HINT2: If you get stuck, drift back and forth. Once you are close to escaping well gravity well , thrust with your engines and if you don't break out, wait till next time you get back (sort of like a see-saw or swing).
If not, a last ditch effort is to jettison cargo.
This mod may help in getting cargo stuck in orbit:
Also, I recommend a scuttle mod to get rid of the planetary debris that shows up. Something like this:
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Author RPC
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Added (Last modified) 19.01.2012 (10.06.2013)
Game Version 1.07a
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Jose 19.01.2012 21:41


Shane Filomena 21.01.2012 11:30

I am NOT going to ...NONONONONo...

* resistance is futile....I downloaded it :)

christian 21.01.2012 19:07

Wolfen class:

mass= "9999"


Jose 23.01.2012 21:07

I use Inhertless Drives :P

Oh and RPC Why are All the wrecks pull towards the sun :/ Its a little annoying to have to wait till it reaches the sun to loot!

RPC 24.01.2012 01:40

Gravity :P

Yeah, if you have the Rotolooter from the link in the mod decription, all you have to do is get close and it will loot wrecks for you.

RPC 28.01.2012 02:24

Reupload at 32 DL's

Docking with wrecks is now possible again.

frosty781 01.02.2012 21:34

player ships not effected.

frosty781 01.02.2012 21:36

Player ships not effected somehow. Any way to fix this? I really like this mod. Would be nice to put your ship in orbit around a planet or sun, or slingshot aroud a system.

RPC 02.02.2012 00:35

What ship are you using? It's very noticable on the freighter and the sapphire, but not the wolfen.

Also, if you have added this while in the middle of a game, it won't work.

If you want to test if the mod works, create a new game (but don't override your old one!) and just try to stay still on top of a planet using the freighter. It should be pulled toward the planet next to the Domina station.

Upgrading to 1.07a might help (I have no clue if it's broken on lower versions D: )

RPC 06.02.2012 00:10

Reuploaded at 50 dl's to include a settings.xml

Shane Filomena 23.03.2012 04:19

darn resistance is futile!!!!!!! I got the latest version :)

RPC 15.04.2012 22:43

Also, this mod is supposed to work with Dynamic Systems, where the sun destroys the wrecks. Otherwise, all the wrecks end up at the sun, ready to be looted at once :P

Llwch 16.04.2012 02:23

@RPC - Man, what's the fun in that? I like that gravity makes my plundering easier - especially for the ships destroyed by pirates, etc.

Yes, I'm a lazy bastard, and proud to admit it. :P

RPC 16.04.2012 07:55

Yeah, I know, but in the original context is to provide suspense that you're going to lose your loot XD

Yeah, I realize that it would be great for people who have no time to deal with trivialities.

RPC 10.06.2012 05:23

Gravity is updated (at 148 dl's) so that it doesn't accidentally drift the player when their ship is docked to a large station.

RPC 18.11.2012 03:52

Reuploaded with a lagfix version at 258 downloads. This one is a lot less slower but allows for smoother gameplay.

RPC 10.06.2013 07:53

Updated at 384 downloads. This version disables gravity at St. Kat's and Heretic.

travbm 02.08.2015 21:08

Maybe if you had Gravity power reactors that refuel from gravity sources. :)

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