Tabinka Class Battleship View Mod
Screenshot OBSOLETE, check here for new version:

This is a heavy battleship with custom armour and weapons (with custom sound effects).

It comes with custom shield and armour display, too.

The armour and shields are pretty unbalanced, but the new weapons start to lose effectiveness post-midgame.

The cargobay is far too large, I'll reduce it to a reasonable size in future releases.

(It fits through the Arena gate!)
Categories Ship (Player), Godmod
Author Autohummer
Rating 4   0
Added (Last modified) 10.01.2012 (28.06.2012)
Game Version 1.07a
Filesize 1.63 MB
Downloads 1516
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RPC 10.01.2012 09:05

Nice graphics! I'd like to test this ship out.

Autohummer 10.01.2012 11:18

Updated at 4 uploads, new weapons and devices added.

Shane Filomena 10.01.2012 11:39

I was impressed with the first version : I am sure that this author has far more goodies on their way :)

** I am also going to grab this one :)

christian 10.01.2012 11:55

What software did you use to make this ship?

christian 10.01.2012 12:09

(We need a larger exit\gateway for the Battle arena)

Autohummer 10.01.2012 14:11

It's built in sketchup, textured (very sloppily) and rendered in Blender.

sdw195 10.01.2012 19:42

how did you get it form sketchup to Blender (what file format?)

Autohummer 11.01.2012 05:21

Sketchup export as .dae, then go to Blender, turn on the plugin for importing .dae files (it should be included in the main download), then import the .dae. However, I would not recommend Blender, even though a lot of people like it, as it is a headache to figure out which button does what.

Autohummer 11.01.2012 07:18

Reuploaded at 22 downloads. A functional broadside has been added, though it only takes 1 shell to execute a 7 shell broadside.

Autohummer 11.01.2012 08:54

Reuploaded. Solved the ammo problem.

Star Weaver 15.06.2012 09:20

In 1.08b I get a 'crash loading: da950006' which is itTSIharmour

Autohummer 28.06.2012 14:40

Strange. I am getting the same thing but it used to work before.

Autohummer 28.06.2012 14:53

Updated at 214 downloads, sorted out the compatibility issue with 1.08b. A new version with more ships to choose from is coming soon(TM).

luio 18.05.2015 09:56


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