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These mods add over 820 new weapons to the game. These work independently of each other. The new weapons are split into separate files by configuration. Most are variants of stock weapons, with plenty of surprises thrown in:

Multi-target array
Omni Array
Omni Dual
Unique (new and heavily modified weapons)

There are also launcher-slot versions of the above weapons too.

Release History:
01 DEC 2011 Re-release with hundreds of new weapons. Replaces my original "New Weapons" mod.
02 AUG 2012 Updated from 400 to 800!
Categories Weapon
Author TheLastBrunnenG
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Added (Last modified) 09.12.2011 (02.08.2012)
Game Version 1.08d
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Shane Filomena 09.12.2011 06:26

LOL i have been trying to break the habit of making weapons..#fail..I made one last night.

it is nice to see I am not the only one that is not on the wagon :)

digdug 09.12.2011 17:37

wow! this is an awesome mod ! :D

TheLastBrunnenG 10.12.2011 03:51

Thanks! Actually had this ready ages ago, just never got around to uploading it. It's one of the standard mods I play with, minus the Array files, because I can't stand "spread3".

WillyTheSquid 16.01.2012 07:00

It works with the SFItemGraphics, too. As far as I can tell.

WillyTheSquid 02.03.2012 07:39

Deservedly made MotM for feb '12. Is a new version in the works?

TheLastBrunnenG 11.06.2012 20:32

I'll get to it eventually. With Weapons Extended floating around, plus weapon attribute tandomizers in the works, adding more variations of existing weapons will start to create more and more overlap. If I update, it'll be with more unique weapons, mostly.

Cimanyd 21.06.2012 03:45

I love the added choices for omnidirectional weapons! Omni dual fastfire laser, omni dual lancer cannon, and omni dual katana star cannon were all great for destroying enemies in my last playthrough :)

TheLastBrunnenG 02.08.2012 22:37

Updated from 400 New Weapons to 800 New Weapons, mostly by adding launcher-slot versions of the previous items.

WillyTheSquid 25.08.2012 13:16

Found a bug with this mod in Transcendence 1.08f/fa. When booting the game, it will say:

"duplicate UNID" 0xD001b556

When I removed that entity from the XML, it gave the same error for 0xD001b565.

However, I checked my T folder using a text crawler and there IS no other entity with that UNID. However, there were two weapons in this mod that have the same entity NAME (although the UNIDs are different).

DISCOVERY! If you have two entities with the same name but a different UNID, Transcendence will not run and say "duplicate UNID".

Brunnen, this should be an easy fix for you?

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