Angelus-class Explorer View Mod
Screenshot This mod adds a new playership to the game in 3 variants, each featuring a unique starting weapon plus a built-in missile replicator. Different variants feature additional equipment and color schemes:
Mark 1 - gold with purple highlights, 4-segment armor.
Mark 2 - green with blue highlights, 6-segment armor, built-in solar panel array.
Mark 3 - purple with red highlights, 6-segment armor, self-fueling, starts with enhanced display and targeting computer, automatically scans for stations and other space objects upon entering a new system.
This mod overwrites the Ship Interior dockscreen plus the NAMI, Makayev, and Rasiermesser missile launchers.
Original 20-facing ship graphic by DVLENK6. Rotated to 40 facings, recolored x3, resized, and made into a large ship-selection image by me.
Background planet painting in the ship-selection screen is originally from a larger work by Peter Elson.
Categories Quality approved, Featured, Ship (Player)
Author TheLastBrunnenG
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Added (Last modified) 09.12.2011 (09.12.2011)
Game Version 1.06a
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TheLastBrunnenG 09.12.2011 05:42

I know there's a rule against releasing single DVLENK6 ships as "new" mods. I'm hoping that releasing this as a modpack with unique equipment and weapons, plus recoloring, resizing, and re-rotating the original DVLENK6 version will be OK.

Shane Filomena 09.12.2011 06:23

i believe the rules are in place to not exploit the works without creativity : without Class.

I am a fan of DVLENK6's work ( + OddBob ) i use their ships in some of my games as AI controlled in traffic ..but I do not have the skills required to make them into something worthy of a Mod.

digdug 09.12.2011 17:41

This is a GOOD example of how a DVLENK6 graphics should be used. It's a well designed mod. +1

TheLastBrunnenG 10.12.2011 03:56


The Mk1 is a compromise between freighter and gunship. The Mk2 is my favorite because it gives some unique configuration opportunities. The Mk3 is almost a cheat ship, though it's little better in combat than the stock ships. It's great for testing combat mods and new tactics, and for skipping past the early systems.

Peter 17.05.2014 01:39

Nice mod! How did you recolour the ship? Forgive my ignorance :D I don't know how to make graphics but I think I could learn.

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