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This is Zack's first mod that actually works. The mod adds a 300mw reactor that is very efficient and has a large capacity but it cannot use low grade fuels.
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Author Zacktheperson
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Added (Last modified) 17.03.2008 (15.04.2008)
Game Version 0.98d
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schilcote 25.03.2008 02:20

You think 300mw is big you should see my... oops not supposed to talk about that, just ahve to wait untill the mod pack is releaced.hahaha

Zacktheperson 29.03.2008 20:46

Zack does not think that the reactor is big he just wanted to add a reactor with different characteristics than the default reactors. It also makes it easier for others to mod reactors if they have an example to work with.

schilcote 02.04.2008 03:11

Schilcote asks Zack why he refers to himself in the third person.

CharonMassofGoo 08.04.2008 22:04

CMG asks why anyone would want to have a reactor that doesn't use cheap fuels.

schilcote 30.05.2008 06:16

My reactor uses cheap fuels... for a second. Solar panels anyone?

Little Modder... 05.06.2009 19:15

schilcote correction: SCHILCOTE's reactor. you forgot talking in third person. Little Modder... thinks that this is funny.

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