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Screenshot This modpack has two items, an autolooter that loots undamaged items, and a device that has real autopilot.
[U]se them, and follow the instructions for the autopilot. The autolooter does the work automatically as long as it is on.
And as a kind gesture, I automatically install them for you at the beginning of the game ;)
(They cost no device slots, so all the more to get them!)
Link to forum thread: http://www.neurohack.com/transcendence/forums/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=4978
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DockScreens, Devices, Newbie Boosts,
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Author RPC
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Added (Last modified) 27.11.2011 (25.06.2014)
Game Version 1.1
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Shane Filomena 06.12.2011 00:17

grrrrrrrrr...it's ANOTHER MUST HAVE IN YOUR GAME from RPC....

no wonder it took me a month to remember how to play without extras. Your ADDICTING ME !!!!! :)

Awesome stuf:)

RPC 06.12.2011 22:32

Hey, I'm addicted to mods too ;)

RPC 06.12.2011 22:43

Reuploaded at 38 dl's.

I found that the on/off button for the rotolooter didn't work.

Fixed. :D

WillyTheSquid 12.02.2012 17:34

That Autopilot uses quite a bit of power when you only have a stock reactor... enough to disable the weapons on some ships when you fire the first salvo...

...but when you disable the autopilot device using the [B] hotkey, you can still use it even though it doesn't drain power anymore.

Might need to fix that?

RPC 16.02.2012 11:27

Oh, nice catch. I'll fix it soon.

RPC 18.02.2012 08:13

Reuploaded with the fixes at 120 downloads.

xiwi 24.03.2012 10:26

RPC, I'm interested in modifying autolooter to get damaged loot (using another mod that makes it fixable). However I can't find the line that needs to be edited for this, can you help? ^_^

RPC 24.03.2012 19:12

Find this line:

(enum (objGetItems wreck "*N") Loot

and change it to:

(enum (objGetItems wreck "*") Loot

RPC 06.04.2012 06:22

Updated to have a more looting options- loot damaged or undamaged.

RPC 09.04.2012 00:37

Reuploaded at 168 downloads.

I forgot a check when I added the loot damaged and undamaged option.

This resulted in the autolooter looting even when it is turned off.

xiwi 14.04.2012 16:25

Thanks for the update!

WillyTheSquid 26.04.2012 07:33

Minor issue: autopilot uses same hotkey that is used for deploying autons

TranscendentGeek 26.04.2012 09:32

that would be annoying

RPC 29.04.2012 18:57

Reuploaded at 194 downloads. Autopilot now uses "O" as a hotkey.

RPC 06.05.2012 08:28

Reuploaded at 205 downloads. New graphics from WillyTheSquid added.

mistere 08.05.2012 00:22

Those are nice graphics.

RPC 07.07.2012 20:29

Lowered the poweruse of each item to 1MW.

Reuploaded to fix some bugs and streamline code.

RPC 29.10.2012 05:03

Reuploaded at 376 dl's. Renamed the mod from Dynamic Systems Stuff to Utility Items for the new mod selection screen.

RPC 22.12.2012 17:08

Reuploaded at 430 dl's. Made it so that it doesn't conflict with Planet Parallax, and added some autoscuttling ability to the Rotolooter.

RPC 20.01.2013 06:45

Updated at 460 downloads. The rotolooter now has scuttling abilities.

RPC 10.06.2013 07:54

Updated at 640 downloads. The rotolooter doesn't scuttle MRAD probes and log buoys at Heretic anymore.

RPC 04.12.2013 07:31

Updated at 823 downloads. Thanks to cybersoul for finding really basic errors (I forgot to add RPCFindAngle and clean up some code) >.<

I also changed powerusage to 0 MW for both items :3

puffo12346 03.05.2014 13:30

Thats a ratchet and clank holoshield launcher..... :D

RPC 25.06.2014 08:21

Updated Utility Items at 1001 downloads.



Enabled auto install rotolooter and Autopilot upon changing ships


-doesn't scuttle Captain's Logs markers anymore

-added option to scuttle wrecks with damaged items only

-cleaned up code


-added beep that notifies players they have arrived at their destination

-added list filter to autopilot (stargate only, closest first, farthest first)

-fixed orbiting planets function

-FINALLY added 'follow ship' feature

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