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Name ls
Syntax (ls a [b ... bn]) -> True if a < b < bn
Argument List a: The first expression you want to compare.
[b ... bn]: The next expressions you want to compare.
Returns boolean: The expressions are compared left to right. If there is any case where the left value is "greater" than or equal to the right value, `ls' will return Nil. Else it returns True.
Category logical operator
Description kA comparison function that returns True if the left hand side is less than the right hand side. The same as < in math.
Integers are compared by value, so (ls 1 2) -> True, but (ls 1 1) -> Nil
Strings are compared by alphabetical position, so (ls "a" "b") -> True, but (ls "a" "A") -> Nil
Lists are compared by length, so (ls '(2) '(1 1)) -> True, but (ls '(1) '(2)) -> Nil
(ls 7 3)
Returns Nil.
(ls "Betel" "Betelgeuse")
Returns True.
(ls '(a a b) '(c d e))
Returns True.
(ls "B" "b")

Returns Nil.