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Name lambda
Syntax (lambda args exp) -> lambda
Argument List args: A list of arguments you want to pass into the function. Can also be Nil.
exp: The code you want to pass the arguments to. It is not evaluated.
Returns The new function.
Category function operator
Description Function allowing you to create a function for later use.
(block (number fun)
	(setq number 5)
	(setq fun (lambda (adder)
		(add 1 adder)
	(dbgOutput number)
	(setq number (fun number))
	(dbgOutput number)
	(setq number (fun number))
	(dbgOutput number)

This displays on the debug console.
Comment The most important function in all of Transcendence. Allows the creation of functions to be stored and used later. Many creative things can be done with it.