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Name sysGetStargateDestinationNode
Syntax (sysGetStargateDestinationNode [nodeID] gateID) -> nodeID
Argument List nodeID: the node ID (optional. uses current node if not provided)
gateID: the gate ID
Returns nodeID: the node ID
Category system
Description Used to get the nodeID of the node that the stargate connects to.
Example taken from stkDistanceToStK
(block (theDestNode theDist)
(setq theDestNode (sysGetStargateDestinationNode nodeID theGate))
(if (not (find nodesChecked theDestNode))
(block Nil
(setq theDist (stkDistanceToStK theDestNode nodesChecked))
(if (ls theDist bestDist)
(setq bestDist theDist)