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Name sysAddStargateTopology
Syntax (sysAddStargateTopology [nodeID] gateID destNodeID destGateID) -> True/Nil
Argument List [nodeID]: the node ID of the star system
gateID: the ID of the gate
destNodeID: the Destination node ID
destGateID: the Destination Gate ID
Returns boolean: true or nil depending upon success
Category system
Description Used to add stargate Topology. Can only be called in the OnGlobalTopologyCreated event
Example Taken from &ssHuaramarca;
(if gateway
(block Nil
(typSetGlobalData &svHuariEmpire; "huaramarcaGateway" gateway)
(sysAddStargateTopology gateway "GateToHuaramarca" "Huaramarca" "Inbound")