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Name scrShowAction
Syntax (scrShowAction screen actionID shown)
Argument List screen: the screen to call the function in (always gScreen)
actionID: the ID or position of the action to modify
shown: whether to show the action or not
Returns unsure
Category screen
Description Used to show or hide an action. The ID can be either a label (when the action is added using scrAddAction) or a position (counted from 0), when the action is added through xml.
`shown` is an expression that must evaluate to either true or nil. If it is nil, then the action will not be displayed and not be selectable.
Used by the container habitats to modify what questions you can ask them.
Example taken from &dsContainerHabitatReward;
; Equipment location available after 5 donation points
(scrShowAction gScreen 0 (geq donationPoints 5)