Editors Note: Uses old currency system, not sure exactly how it needs to be changed --Weaver
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Name plyRecordBuyItem
Syntax (plyRecordBuyItem player item [currency] totalPrice)
Argument List player: the player. Usually gPlayer.
item: the item being bought
[currency]: the currency the purchase was in
totalPrice: how much the item was bought for
Returns unsure
Category player, economy
Description How the game keeps track of all the purchases made by the player. Is usually called through the buy dockscreen.
Example Taken from &dsRingerRefuel;
(block (itemsToUse)
(setq itemsToUse (itmCreate (itmGetType gItem) count))
(shpRefuelFromItem gPlayerShip itemsToUse)
(objIncData gPlayerShip "rins" (subtract 0 (multiply count gCost)))
(plyRecordBuyItem gPlayer itemsToUse (multiply count gCost 5))
(scrShowScreen gScreen gPrevScreen gPrevPane)
Comment This is used to display stats