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Name objAddOverlay
Syntax (objAddOverlay obj overlayType [pos rotation] [lifetime]) -> overlayID
Argument List obj: spaceObject to apply overlay to
overlayType: UNID of <OverlayType> to apply
pos: optional offset for graphical overlays
rotation: optional rotation for graphical overlays
[lifetime]: duration (in ticks?) after which to automatically delete overlay
Returns overlayID: a pointer to the live overlay
Category overlay, spaceobject
Description Creates a new overlay on the target ship. There are two variants of this function. One that sets a position and rotational offset from the center of the ship and one that does not. For both you can provide an optional lifetime.
Example From MiscItems.xml
; Find or create an overlay that will generate radioactive waste
(if (eq gSource gPlayerShip)
(block (theID)
(enum (objGetOverlays gSource) theOverlay
(if (eq (objGetOverlayType gSource theOverlay)
&ovUraniumWasteCheck; )
(setq theID theOverlay)

(if theID
(objIncOverlayData gSource theID "wasteCount" 
(itmGetCount gItem)
(block Nil
(setq theID (objAddOverlay gSource &ovUraniumWasteCheck;))
(objSetOverlayData gSource theID "wasteCount" 
(itmGetCount gItem)
(objSetOverlayData gSource theID "counter" 0)
Comment Overlays can be used to modify incoming damage, display graphical effects, or execute code at regular intervals on a specific spaceobject. They have an OnUpdate event that is run every 15 ticks, not the customary 30