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Name itmAtCursor_deprecated
Syntax (itmAtCursor_deprecated itemListCursor)
Argument List itemListCursor: A pointer to the item that you want the itemStruct of. (can someone think of something better to say than pointer.
Returns An itemStruct of the item pointed at by the itemListCursor.
Category 0.98, item, deprecated
Description Gets the itemStruct of the item being pointed at by the itemListCursor.
(objEnumItems gPlayerShip "sI" itemCursor
	(itmGetName (itmAtCursor itemCursor) 0)

This returns the name of the name of the shield that is equipped by the player.
Comment objEnumItems or scrGetItemListCursor is the only way to get the itemListCursor. This limits what you can do with functions that use the itemListCursor greatly.
Most functions can work with itemStructs so you don't have to worry about it much except doing this function in nearly every objEnumItems or scrGetItemListCursor.
Function deprecated in 0.99