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Name itmSetCharges
Syntax (itmSetCharges item charges) -> item
Argument List item: the item whose charges you want to change
charges: the amount of charges you want to make the item have
Returns a new item, with the charges set. This item contains all other attributes of the original item
Category item, 0.99
Description Some items in game use charges to keep track of a certain value. This function can be used to set that value.
Example How to double the charges on Blue Credit Chip:
(block (creditChip charges)
  (setq creditChip (itmCreate &itCashCardBlue; 1))
  (setq charges (itmGetCharges creditChip))
  (setq creditChip (itmSetCharges creditChip (multiply charges 2)))

This returns a new creditChip with double the amount of charges
Comment This is only useful for items that use charges. The amount of charges you specify will be what the item ends up with, so you have to use itmGetCharges first if you want to subtract charges.