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Name typIncGlobalData
Syntax (typIncGlobalData number string [number])
Argument List number: The UNID of the type you want to increment the data in.
string: The name of the data you want to increment.
number: The optional number that gets added to the data.
Returns number: The value of the data after it has been incremented.
Category math, data, 0.99, unid
Description Increments the data in the type by the given number (if no number is given it increment it by one).
(typIncGlobalData &itSolarPanelArray; "rincost" 100)

Returns the rincost in itSolarPanelArray plus 100, if it didn't exist before it creates it and sets it to 100.
Comment Basically a helper function so you don't have to do set and add all the time.