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Name typGetGlobalData
Syntax (typGetGlobalData UNID key) -> value
Argument List UNID: The UNID of the type you want to get the data from.
key: The name of the data you want to get.
Returns value: The data named by the string for the given type. Returns Nil if there is no data as named by the string.
Category type, data, 0.99, unid
Description Returns the named global data of the given type.
(typGetGlobalData &itSolarPanelArray; "rincost")

Returns the data that is in the "rincost" global in the itSolarPanelArray.
Comment Very useful for getting data from design types.
The design types are
ItemType, Shipclass, StationType, Image, Sovereign, DockScreen, EncounterTable, Effect, Sound,ItemTable, and SystemType.