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Name sysAddEncounterEventAtDist
Syntax (sysAddEncounterEventAtDist number spaceObject number number)
Argument List number: The delay before the encounter event can happens.
spaceObject: The space object the encounter ships target.
number: The UNID of the encounter table.
number: The distance from the target you want the encounter ships to appear at.
Returns condition: True if successful, Nil otherwise.
Category system, encounter table, time
Description Makes a encounter at the given distance from the space object.
(sysAddEncounterEventAtDist 100 gplayership &etPirateAmbush1; 100)

Makes a pirate ambush 1 encounter 100 ticks after this is called 100 light seconds from player ship targeting the player ship.
Comment Can be used to mimic random encounters. Is mostly used to make ambushes happen.