Editors Note: Does this ever return nil? (Star Weaver Dec 2010)
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Name shpRefuelFromItem
Syntax (shpRefuelFromItem ship itemStruct)
Argument List ship: The ship that want to refuel from an item.
itemStruct: The item you want to use.
Returns boolean: True if successful, Nil otherwise.
Category fuel, ship, item
Description Refuels the ship from the given item struct.
(shpRefuelFromItem gplayership (itmCreate &itHelium3FuelRod; 1))

Adds 2500 to the player's fuel.
Comment This function is not limited by reactor fuel level limits; it must be guarded by shpIsFuelCompatable if enforcing those limits is deisred.

The item struct is just used to determine the quantity of fuel to add; the items provided are not removed from the ship and need not even be present.